Franklin’s Flying Circus

Comedy Act

Kyle and Liz Franklin will perform this unique comedy act.

As Liz gets ready to perform in her Piper Super Cub…she jumps out to check the tail wheel.  When a spectator (aka Kyle) jumps into the plane and takes off into the air.  He leaves her and the audience stunned as they watch the plane perform jaw dropping maneuvers.

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The Franklin aviation legacy began with Kyle’s grandfather, Zip Franklin, and then passed to his son, Jimmy Franklin.  Jimmy Franklin, Kyle’s father, performed in Cleveland numerous times as everything from the ZAR to flying the Jet Waco.  At a young age, Kyle began traveling to air shows with is his father and at 17 years old became the world’s youngest professional wingwalker.

The Franklin family has been in the air show industry for 57 years and is a historic part of Cleveland’s Labor Day Weekend tradition.