Air Show Facility

The Cleveland National Air Show venue is a LARGE TEMPORARY FACILITY, created for three days a year from runways, taxiways and grass medians of Burke Lakefront Airport. The entire parking area is a large, open, grassy field. Much of the ground is uneven. To see a map, please click here.

Mobility Impaired

WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO BRING A WHEELCHAIR IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WALKING LONG DISTANCES. (See Entry Restrictions.) The Air Show grounds are 6,000 ft. in length x 500 ft. deep. That’s roughly 20 football fields long, including the parking area. This area allows accommodation of spectators and display aircraft in a large festival atmosphere. Due to spectator congestion and the number of aircraft and displays, a personal patron shuttle service is not available inside the spectator area.  A limited route spectator tram is available – click here.

Walk-In Entrance Gate

Park in one of the various downtown parking lots (or the hard surface lot in front of the Burke Lakefront Airport Terminal – not operated by the Air Show). For walk-in entrance gate directions/map, click here.

Patrons can utilize the ride-share (drop-off only) to access the walk-in entrance gate, but heavy exit traffic prevents access for pick-ups at the end of the day. From this gate it is hard surface and approximately a half mile to the west end of the box seats. There is NO shuttle service into the Spectator Area. DO NOT ARRIVE AT THIS GATE AND EXPECT A RIDE. Bring a wheelchair to meet your needs.  View Air Show Map

On-Site Parking

On-Site Parking must be purchased in advance – NO GATE SALES.  Click Here

Parking Passes are limited and day specific (Saturday, Sunday OR Monday).  Vehicles arriving without a parking pass WILL NOT be admitted. For on-site parking directions/map, click here.

After presenting an Air Show parking pass, a state issued HANDICAPPED PARKING plate/placard will enable you to drive to handicapped parking. (This is a grass field adjacent to a paved taxiway.) It is approximately a half mile to the east end of Box Seats. This area closes when full. There is NO shuttle service into the Spectator Area from handicapped parking. DO NOT ARRIVE AT HANDICAPPED PARKING AND EXPECT A RIDE. Bring a wheelchair to meet your needs. View Air Show Map


Handicapped port-o-lets are available and typically found at the ends of large “banks” of port-o-lets.


The Cleveland National Air Show DOES NOT have scooters or wheelchairs available for rent. If you have difficulty walking long distances PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WHEELCHAIR. (See Entry Restrictions.)


We do NOT have shuttle service inside the Spectator Area. If you have difficulty walking long distances PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WHEELCHAIR.  A limited route spectator tram is available inside the show grounds – click here.

Hearing Impaired

The large dimension of the Air Show spectator area makes it unsuitable for signing. However, a significant amount of the performer information used during the narration is available on this website by linking to specific performers.

Sight Impaired

Seeing eye dogs ARE permitted at the Air Show.