Launching Careers

At the end of each summer, Cleveland has one last celebration…a tradition for generations…a dream that inspires…the magic of flight. And for many Air Show visitors a career in the military and/or aviation is launched.

  • “I have been coming to the Air Show ever since I can remember and almost 30 years later I can honestly say that Cleveland Air Show got me started in my career. I served as an Product Development Engineer with Eaton after graduating from The Ohio State University, and am now an Aerospace Engineer at NASA. The CNAS and the Blue Angels were a huge part of that. As a kid, against all typical rules, I was standing on my box seat chair and watching the Blue Angels perform their left echelon roll with my dad when all of a sudden #5 sweeps past us going just under the speed of sound. I fell off my chair, and I was in love. I was never able to join the military because of my asthma and bad eyes, so I went into the technical side of aerospace and it has been quite a fulfilling ride so far. Thank you CNAS and to the Blue Angels for helping give me a dream to reach for.”
    Aerospace Engineer
  • “I grew up in Cleveland and attended my first air show as young kid at Burke Lakefront Airport in 1966. I later became a pilot and have worked in the fighter aircraft business most of my adult life. You might say that the Cleveland National Air Show helped shape my life.”
    Program Manager, Special Project
    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program
    Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
  • “Why I choose to fly? Several reasons…I’m an Eagle Scout (all the way up from Tiger Cubs) and took to heart the duty to God, Country and Others before myself, which lead to the military. Every Labor Day as a kid I would go to the Cleveland National Air Show with my Dad and watch the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds. I have loved planes ever since I was a kid; a highlight of my life was just getting to go on an airliner!”
    Officer, Navy Flight, EA-6B
  • “We have had a flight line box since 1992, when our kids were 10 (son) and 8 (daughter) years old. Now the son is 28 years old. He has a Bachelors (CalTech), Masters (Purdue) and PH.D. (Purdue) in Aeronautical Engineering. If you were to ask him, I’ll bet he would tell you that a great influence on his love for flight and his desire to pursue that rigorous course of study came from the Cleveland National Air Show outings over the years.”
    Cleveland National Air Show Patron
  • “I was born in Elyria, Ohio, twenty-six miles southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. I gained an early interest in aviation from the Cleveland National Air Show and Air Races that occurred regularly during that time period. I still recall the aircraft flying over our home on their way to Cleveland’s airport, especially the drone of the B-36’s.”
    USAF- Specialty – Gas Turbine Engine Mechanic/Technician/Supervisor
    Blackbird Program at Edwards AFB 1963-1968 and 1970-1973
    Pratt &Whitney – Contract Field Service Representative/Engineer/Site Supervisor
    Site Manager for F-22/F-23 Fly-Off and NASA Blackbird Program and U2 Program at Palmdale, CA 1988-1993
  • As a young boy, Major Rob Lingler volunteered with his family in the Information Center at the Cleveland National Air Show.  While volunteering he was inspired to fly Harriers…attended the U.S. Naval Academy and became a Harrier instructor.  While on loan to the RAF, Major Lingler flew the camera platform for one of the last mass flights of RAF Harriers.  Below is a photo from the final flight.
    Ligler Harrier Flight

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