The Thunder…The Roar…The Challenge offers something for everyone.  The “thunder” of the Blue Angels headlined a full list of flying events including the “roar” of a P-51/F-16 “Heritage Flight” and Cleveland’s own Walt Linscott in his YAK-55.timeline_1999-150

The “challenge” was intended for the aerobatics competition but it was better applied to the unusual amount of bird activity during the weekend.  The F-16 suffered a bird strike at the start of its performance on Sunday and Blue Angel #2 digested a bird upon departure Monday evening. In both incidences, the aircraft landed safely.

As to the intended “challenge” Sean D. Tucker held off a fierce aerobatics battle against Rocky Hill, Matt Chapman, Mike Goulian, Ian Groom, and Gene Soucy in Labatt Blue Cup — the finale event of the CASPA‘s 1999 Challenge Series.