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For many families, the sight of high-speed aircraft jetting in tight formation against a bright blue sky is as exciting as fireworks on the 4th of July...
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USAF Thunderbirds

USMC Harrier
USN Super Hornet
USA Golden Knights
Sean D. Tucker
Rob Holland
WWII Red Tail P-51
T-51 Mustang
Metro Life Flight
Aircraft on Display
Ground Attractions

U.S. air force thunderbirds jet demonsration team

The Thunderbirds Return!

Cleveland will host the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds as headliners of the 2015 Cleveland National Air Show presented by Discount Drug Mart on Labor Day Weekend at Burke Lakefront Airport.

Each show day, the six select Thunderbird demonstration pilots will put their distinct red, white and blue F-16 Falcon jet fighters through a choreographed hour-long performance at speeds up to 500 mph and as close as three feet from each other. The demonstration features 40 maneuvers including the trademarked Thunderbird six-plane delta formation, high bomb burst and solo knife-edge pass.

The Thunderbirds are the U.S. Air Force "Ambassadors in Blue" and composed of eight pilots (including six demonstration pilots), four support officers, four civilians and 110 enlisted personnel performing more than 29 Air Force specialties. The Thunderbirds represent the United States at approximately thirty-five sites each year. U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds home page click here:

U.S. Army Golden Knights Precision Parachute Team


Ambassadors of Excellence

The Golden Knights are an elite parachute team that serve as goodwill ambassadors for the U.S. Army. Annually the team performs more than 27,000 jumps before an estimated 14 million people. The Golden Knights will perform multiple free-fall parachute jumps revealing aerial grace, precision and skill as they descend along the flight line or to a perfect bulls-eye landing.

The Golden Knights are not just in the air...spectators can witness formation practice, meet the team and even help pack a parachute!

For more information on the U.S. Army Golden Knights and high-resolution photos click here:

U.S. Marine Corps Harrier Tactical Demonstration

 Rocks the Sky!

The U.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier Tactical Demonstration is one of the most sought-after aerial demonstrations offered by the U.S. military. The Harrier Demonstration is performed by the same aircraft and Marines who train and deploy in support of real-world contingencies. For this reason, Headquarters Marine Corps selects only a handful of events to receive the coveted demonstration. Cleveland is one of EIGHT show sites to host the Harrier in 2015.

The Harrier will perform each event day and the demonstration consists of an 8-10 minute display of the aircraft's abilities, including a 90-degree climbing turn, a high-speed pass over the runway, and a vertical landing in front of the crowd. For more information about the Harrier and other Marine Corps aviation assets, check out the Marine Corps website at:

U.S. Navy F/A-18F Super hornet tactical demonstration

Can you say VAPOR?!

The U.S. Navy's F/A-18F Super Hornet is an all-weather strike fighter aircraft that performs fighter escort, fleet air defense, force projection, interdiction, and close air support. An upgrade of the F/A-18C/D Hornet, the Super Hornet is 25 percent larger and offers longer range, greater endurance, increased weapon and fuel-carrying ability along with improved survivability and the capacity for future growth. Visit the Facebook page for all the latest news.

sean d. tucker power aerobatics

Back By Popular Demand!

Sean D. Tucker is one of the world's premier aerobatic pilots and a living legend. He has been flying airshows world-wide since the mid-70's and performed in front of more than 80 million fans. Sean's airplane, the one-of-a-kind Oracle Challenger III bi-plane, is a highly modified fire-breathing monster with over 400 horsepower, weighs just over 1200 pounds and responds to the slightest pressure on the control stick even at 300 mph. His performance includes feats that are truly death-defying. More than half of Sean's maneuvers are original and have never been duplicated by another aerobatic pilot. The G-forces exerted on Sean when he is flying are greater than those on the pilots in modern fighters. Truly an air show star, Sean has received all of the air show industry's highest honors plus named as one of the Living Legends in Aviation which raises him into an elite group of aviators and astronauts that includes General 'Chuck' Yeager, Bob Hoover and John Glenn. Check out more at

Spectators on the air show grounds will witness the Triple Ribbon Cut when Sean races his plane through three sets of ribbons just 25 feet off the ground at 210 miles per hour!

rob holland

Three Time U.S. National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion

"How did he do that?" When you experience the thrill of watching Rob Holland fly, that is exactly what you will be asking yourself. Making his first appearance in Cleveland Rob brings a whole new and exciting set of world-class maneuvers to his non-stop action packet routine.

Flying the MX2 Aerobatic Aircraft by MX Aircraft Ultimate Airshows brings unrivaled performance in the skies over Cleveland. Rob Holland pushes the envelope of the most advanced aerobatic aircraft in the airshow industry today. With a high-energy mixture of both high and low altitude maneuvers, Rob will delight and amaze air show fans. Learn more about Rob here:

Shockwave Jet Truck

Shockwave is back...and on Fire!

The World Famous Shockwave Jet Truck is the baddest, mosting impressive jet ground vehicle on the planet. Shockwave, is a triple jet-engine truck that currently holds the Guinness­ record for top jet-truck speed at an incredible 376 mph. Streaking and screaming down airport runways, Shockwave races airplanes that are flying above it at 300 mph.

Air Show fans jump to their feet to watch this mind blowing act as the flame-tipped semi scorches the runway. Spectators will feel the heat, smell the smoke and feel the roar of the turbines as Shockwave tries to outrace a speeding airplane.

And for all you motorheads out can get a close up look at the three jet engines which produce 36,000 horsepower!

For more information visit Flash Fire Jet Truck.

WWII Red Tail P-51 "tuskegee airmen" mustang

Triumph Over Adversity - "RISE ABOVE"

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Red Tail Squadron will share the the inspiring history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen - America's first African American military pilots and their support crews. The Airmen's strength of character, courage and ability to triumph over adversity during WWII is an incredible story.

The CAF Red Tail Squadron restored and flies a rare P-51C model Mustang fighter such as the Tuskegee - trained pilots flew into battle from 1943 to 1945. Air Show fans will hear the sound of the powerful Merlin engine on full chat and witness this wonerfull beast perform.

In addition the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit will be on the air show grounds!

The state of the art exhibit is a fully functional movie theater housed in a 53' semi trailer. Visitors will sit in climate-controlled comfort and watch the original move "RISE ABOVE" on a 160-degree panoramic screen that really brings the movie to life! More information:

Mad Bomber Pyrotechnics and Wall of Fire

A Thrill You Don't Want to Miss!

Mad Bomber Airshow Special Effects will add a little KABOOM! to the 2015 Cleveland National Air Show. For more information and cool photos visit The Mad Bomber.

Titan T-51 Mustang Demonstration

Two ¾ Scale Replica P-51 Mustangs

Titan Aircraft is an aircraft kit manufacturer, located in Austinburg, Ohio. They produce kits for the Titan T-51 Mustang which is a 3/4 scale replica of the P-51 Mustang and several versions of the Tornado ultralight/light-sport aircraft. The P-51 replica incorporates material and systems not commonly found in comparably priced aircraft. Titan Aircraft has a renowned reputation for high quality products, superior aircraft performance, and outstanding customer support, which provides the kit builder and pilot a very pleasurable experience. For more information:

Danny Clisham

Voice of the Air Show

As you enjoy the air show, listen carefully for the expertise and colorful commentary of SkyTalker Danny Clisham. Danny is a veteran air show announcer who has presided over hundreds of air shows across the country. Danny also works in television and movies as an aviation stunt coordinator. Danny Clisham's home page click here: Danny Clisham

Metro Life Flight

Launched in 1982, Cleveland Metro Life Flight is an internationally recognized critical care transport service based in Northeast Ohio. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) since 1994, Metro Life Flight provides both local and international assistance utilizing helicopter, Lear jet and ground unit assets.

Metro Life Flight's four person team is comprised of two pilots and two critical care specialists including nurses and physicians. Each member of the team brings industry state-of-the art experience complemented by the high standard of training required within the Metro Life Flight family.

Metro Life Flight helicopters will perform daily flybys at this year's show along with a display. Metro Life Flight home page clicked here: Metro Health










Cleveland Aeromodeling Society

The Cleveland Aeromodeling Society showcases its radio-controlled aircraft at Burke Lakefront Airport. Watch the model versions of today's most exciting aircraft perform aerobatic maneuvers and stunts.

NASA Glenn Research Center Display

The NASA Glenn Research Center is a pioneer and innovator that has expanded horizons and opened frontiers for explorers in air and space. NASA's display focuses on its role in man's journey in flight. NASA Glenn home page click here:


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