Henderson Achievement Award

Clifford W. Henderson, founder of the Cleveland National Air Races in 1929, was a pioneer among the early and spirited proponents of flight.  He had the foresight to see that aviation would play a vital part in our country’s business and economic growth.  Together man, machine and developing technology would shape the growth of modern transportation well into future decades.  Henderson also knew that the success of aviation was dependent upon the commitment of others with these same beliefs.
The annual Clifford W. Henderson Achievement Award is a tribute to those outstanding individuals, who by their involvement and dedication, have demonstrated a profound “belief in aviation.”

Brian Shul

2003 Clifford W. Henderson Achievement Award


Brian Shul,

Pilot, Patriot, Photographer and Author – Brian Shul has been part of the Cleveland National Air Show for more than 25 years.

Brian is a highly decorated combat veteran with over 4,900 hours in fighter aircraft. Against all odds, he returned to flight status after sustaining life-threatening injuries when shot down on his 212th combat mission in Vietnam. Brian was assigned to the first operational Air Force A-10 Squadron and was among the few pilots selected to demonstrate the plane at public Air Shows. Then, for four years, he piloted the world’s fastest airplane, the SR-71; one of only 152 aviators to do so.

Brian Shul now shares his passion for aviation through award-winning photography and writing – Sled Driver-Flying the World’s Fastest Jet, Blue Angels-Portrait of Gold, and Summer Thunder-USAF Thunderbirds.

Past Recipients include:
1988 Tom Poberezny
1989 R.A. “Bob” Hoover
1990 Leo Loudenslager
1991 Charlie Hillard
1992 Danny Clisham
1993 U.S. Army Golden Knights
1994 Charles K. Newcomb
1995 Gene Soucy
1996 U.S. Navy Blue Angels
1997 Michael C. Barth
1998 U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds
1999 Jimmy Franklin
2000 NASA Glenn Research Center
2001 United States Coast Guard – 9th District
2002 Ohio National GuardThe Army and Air Force OHIO NATIONAL GUARD have demonstrated a profound “Belief In Aviation” through continuous support of the Cleveland National Air Show for more than twenty-five consecutive years.  These dedicated units provide personnel and equipment as necessary to support display aircraft and participating military performers at Cleveland’s annual Air Show.  They carry out their task in a professional manner that is a credit to our U.S. Armed Forces and a role model for community service.
Units participating include the 178th FW (Springfield ANG), the 179th AW (Mansfield ANG), the 121st ARW (Rickenbacker ANG), AASF#1 (North Canton) and AASF#2 (Rickenbacker).
The commitment of the Ohio National Guard contributes greatly to ensuring the continuance of Cleveland’s long tradition of hosting one of America’s most prestigious aviation events.
2003 Brian Shul