AUVSI Northern Ohio Satellite Chapter

Fly into the Drone Zone!

Stop by the AUVSI Northern Ohio Satellite Chapter display and experience the amazing world of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology (aka drones) while they are on display at the Air Show! Chat with the flight crew and UAS/drone experts as they answer questions and discuss flight safety. Don't miss the UAS/drones as they fly unassisted by pilots via their onboard computers and perform amazing tasks. The flight demonstration will showcase the ability of these aircraft to assist with disaster relief, law enforcement, search and rescue, precision farming, obstacle avoidance, aerial photography, package delivery, asset protection and much more. The demonstration will feature both fixed-wing and VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. For more information, visit AUVSI Northern Ohio Satellite Chapter.

Land your family at the Air Show for a fun filled day…