U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules Demonstration

With Special Forces Off-Load

Air Show fans will witness a very cool C-130 Hercules Demonstration.  This massive aircraft will take off from Burke Lakefront Airport and demonstrate its unique capabilities including a low level tactical approach, short field landing, and reverse taxi. Plus, fans inside in the gates will have the rare opportunity to witness a Special Forces combat off-load...right in front of the crowd! Using its large loading ramp and door, trained Airmen will exit the back of the aircraft and secure the perimeter around the C-130.

The C-130 is hard to miss: stretching more than 130 feet across the runway and 100-plus feet long, its strength is found in its versatile operations and impressive cargo space. The C-130 can transport everything from utility helicopters to six-wheel armored vehicles, as well as standard pallet cargo and military personnel.

The demonstration is being provided by the 910th Airlift Wing, Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio. For more info, please click here.